• Kenneth S. K. Lum, Claude R. Canizares, George W. Clark, Joan M. Coyne, Thomas H. Markert, Pablo J. Saez, Mark L. Schattenburg, and P. Frank Winkler
    "The Spectral Archive of Cosmic X-ray Sources Observed by the Einstein Observatory Focal Plane Crystal Spectrometer"

    Paper published in Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 78, 423-503 (1992):

    The Einstein Observatory Focal Plane Crystal Spectrometer (FPCS) used the technique of Bragg spectroscopy to study cosmic X-ray sources in the 0.2-3 keV energy range. The high spectral resolving power (E/dE ~ 100-1000) of this instrument allowed it to resolve closely spaced lines and study the structure of individual features in the spectra of 41 cosmic X-ray sources. We present an archival summary of the results as a concise record of the FPCS observations and a source of information for future analysis by the general astrophysics community. For each observation, we give the instrument configuration, background rate, X-ray flux or upper limit within the energy band observed, and spectral histograms. We discuss examples of the contributions the FPCS observations have made to our understanding of the objects observed.

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